The Fitual Anywhere, by Chalnessa Eames, is your fitness sanctuary on the go.

Our dance inspired, high energy classes are offered at varying levels of intensity and are designed to sculpt and strengthen your entire body.



Chalnessa began her ballet training at the age of five and was able to follow her passion into an incredible career as a professional ballet dancer, performing all over the world, spanning two decades. 

Throughout her dance career, Chalnessa made it her mission to keep her body moving and injury-free. It was during this time that she began developing her own style of conditioning exercises to keep up with the physical demands of her schedule, both mentally and physically.  

With her extensive background in dance, yoga and fitness, as well as specializing in pre-and postnatal training, chalnessa has been able to create a method that trains women’s body to move gracefully with power and strength. Combining elements of ballet, yoga and fitness her signature Fitual class and focus on consistency will not only have you seeing the results, but feeling them!

Each week, Chalnessa creates new content in a variety of formats to meet your daily needs. Become empowered in your body and mind moving with Chal on TFA. 


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$24 ($6.00 / week)

This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content monthly.

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​​$250 (Save 15%)

This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content for a year.


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TFA Weekly Program

Included in your monthly subscription, our TFA Weekly program will guide you through each week, providing structure and suggested classes.

150+ Classes to choose from

Our on-demand library has over 150 classes to choose from, with new classes being added each week.

12 Class Styles

Our online studio accommodates all fitness levels with many class styles to choose from, including pre & post-natal.


LIVE classes available each week and are available for 24 hours following the original air date.


Experience premium content designed specifically for you where there is something for everybody, every mood, and every type. As a member, you can take your ticket and commit to the ride - anytime, anywhere.


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“I urge everyone to get this program it’s $24 a month with access to so many classes! Chalnessa cares and it shows in her cues for how to take it up or down and so many class lengths. I love that I can do just a 25-minute-class or get in a full hour. Thank you to the whole team and everyone else doing such amazing work to keep us healthy and happy and connected.”

"TFA has been amazing at getting my strength back after two babies. I love that there are so many different options of workouts. I really enjoy being able to switch it up between cardio-focused or more slow-strength focused! Loving TFA!"

“I feel stronger than I have ever felt, and I have my posture back!”

“I feel so grateful for The Fitual Anywhere. To be able to get a workout in at anytime of the day has been life saving! The Fitual workouts are my absolute favourite and the BEST workout out there. I love that there are many different lengths of workouts, but they all have the same GREAT feeling. I highly recommend adding The Fitual Anywhere to your workout regime.”

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