Chal’s Story

During her time as a world-renowned soloist with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet, Chal developed a high-intensity, dance-inspired fitness ritual to keep her in great shape and injury-free. Now, while teaching and completing her workouts regularly, she’s in the best shape of her life.

Building off her extensive background in dance, yoga, and fitness, Chal’s transformative fitness classes will leave you sweaty, smiling, and feeling strong. Even through the screen, Chal empowers, challenges, and educates to offer an approach to fitness that strengthens and restores your body and mind – no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Chal’s goal is for The Fitual Anywhere to be a program that  encourages women to reach their goals, inspire connection and community, and help women find something physical they love doing.

Chal’s infectious energy and dedication to helping women love their bodies makes it easy to feel at home in her class – whether you’re joining her at The Fitual studio or online. She welcomes each and every person like a friend being invited in for dinner, wine, and a night full of laughter. But she’ll also push you outside of your comfort zone, make you sweat more than you thought was possible, and leave you coming back for more.

Image to the Left: Chase Jarvis

Bottom Left Image: La Vie Photography

All other images by Prairie Glow Photography